Support Services

Current Versions and Support Status

Cryptzone support solutions are designed to provide the best user experience and to allow IT departments to clearly plan support requirements for their organization. The information in the table below provides an overview of current versions and support available by product and product version. Enhanced support and services can be acquired from Cryptzone.

Product Support Life-cycle Definitions:

Full Support:

Feature packs, installation support, and product enhancements are being developed, and external references are maintained.


Product is still supported but no longer being developed. For new features and feature packs the customer would need to upgrade.

Limited Support:

Product is three releases back. For specific problems or corruptions new installs are available via online or email support requests.

Not Supported:

The product is no longer supported via normal technical support. Cryptzone will not provide Support Services for any Release that is older than two (2) years

If you require a software upgrade please contact Maintenance (Software Subscription) is available at the time of purchase which can greatly decrease the solution cost over time. Contact your Cryptzone sales representative for more information. Maintenance cannot be purchased instead of an upgrade.

Supported Solutions

AppGate Classic

AppGate Classic Version
Support Status
11.3 LTS Supported until EOL December 31st, 2019


Supported until October 31st, 2018

AppGate SDP

AppGate SDP Version
Support Status
4.1.x Full Support
4.0.x Supported


Supported until December 31st, 2018

Client backward compatibility is maintained for two versions - so a 3.2.x client should still work against a 4.0.x server.

Compliance Sheriff

Compliance Sheriff Version
Support Status
5.2xFull Support
5.0xLimited Support
4.3xLimited Support
4.2x Not Supported
4.1x Not Supported
4.0x Not Supported
3.x Not Supported
2.x Not Supported
1.x Not Supported

Compliance Deputy

Compliance Deputy Version
Support Status
5.2x Full Support
5.1x Supported
5.0x Limited Support
4.3x Limited Support
4.2x Not Supported

Accessibility Foundation Module (AFM) for SharePoint

AFM Version
Support Status
3.0.x Limited Support (SP2007, SP2010, SP2013)
2.0.x Version Number Skipped
1.0.x Not Supported (SP 2010 only)

Mindterm (SSH)

Mindterm VersionSupport StatusSupported Until
4.2.2SupportedUntil further notice
4.2.1Limited SupportEOL August 26th, 2018
4.1.18Limited SupportEOL June 1st, 2019
4.1.17Limited SupportEOL August 26th, 2018

​Products No Longer Supported

AccVerify® and AccRepair® - No Longer Supported

AccVerify/AccRepair Version
Support Status
All versions Not Supported - Cryptzone has replaced the AccVerify and AccRepair product line with Compliance Sheriff and Compliance Deputy.

Simple Encryption Platform (SEP) - No Longer Supported

SEP VersionSupport Status
All versionsNot Supported - including Secured eMail, eUSB, eFile, eFolder and eCollaboration

Secured eDisk – effective Oct 30, 2014

Secured eDisk Version
Support Status
All versions Not Supported -