How VPNs and Firewalls Put Your Organization’s Security and Compliance at Risk

VPNs and Firewalls have traditionally been critical parts of every organization’s IT security posture. But today’s security threats, employee work habits, and IT infrastructure have all changed to make them less relevant and potentially even dangerous to your organization. 

Learn specific use-cases and weaknesses where VPNs and firewalls fail:

  • Securing against lateral network movement
  • Securing and connecting to cloud-based infrastructure
  • Blocking malicious insiders, over-privileged users, compromised 3rd-party access
  • Preventing malware from proliferating across the network
  • Efficiently integrating with business processes and identity management systems

Discover how every organization can protect against modern security and compliance threats to on-premises and cloud-based systems. This presentation describes new capabilities to make it possible.