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How a ‘Segment of One’ Can Simplify and Strengthen Network Security

Traditional access control solutions typically provide all-or-nothing network access, which has led to the security gaps behind many of today’s headline-making breaches.

Cryptzone recently released a new product, AppGate XDP, which closes this gap through dynamic, attribute-based controls that determine access across cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures.

Join us for as we provide an overview and demonstration of AppGate XDP, and discover how it:

• Simplifies the user access problem and eliminates over-entitled network access.
• Provides a distributed, dynamic and scalable platform for fine-grained access control, regardless of location.
• Follows a “zero trust model,” drawing on user context to dynamically create a network ‘segment of one’
• Provides real-time, user-centric access, and enforces the principle of least privilege for secure access.
• Simplifies your security infrastructure, while granting access with confidence.

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