Dynamically Securing SharePoint Content – Easily and Quickly

How can you easily ensure only the right people can access, collaborate or distribute SharePoint content? How about O365 or OneDrive repositories?

Microsoft’s native security does a lot. But many common scenarios require capabilities beyond what SharePoint provides.

This webinar discusses best practices to secure SharePoint content in today’s collaborative and mobile world, including:

  • Applying dynamic policy-based permissions based on metadata attributes and/or user properties
  • Eliminating headaches maintaining user-groups, inherited permissions and folder permissions
  • Automatically changing security based on users’ changing permissions, locations and devices
  • Enforcing security to 3rd-party collaborators
  • Securing search results and external connection points
  • Document-level control of ribbon features users can use, based on dynamic user-properties

Learn how to more easily secure SharePoint and O365 content across users and devices.