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About Somerford Associates

Somerford Associates provide innovative Business Intelligence and Security solutions to the UK's largest companies and Government Departments. We provide disruptive technologies when compared to traditional providers, enabling us to deliver solutions that are robust, value for money and quickly implemented. We invest extensively in our partnerships and staff training to ensure that we provide our customers with the service experience they expect.

Our main aim is to provide a security platform solution to meet our customer’s requirements, architected in partnership and supported by Somerford. Our trained technical staff provide trusted advice and help us to build strong, long term relationships with our customers. As the business landscape changes we intend to continually develop our solutions to resolve new and complex challenges faced by our customers. We make end users' lives both productive and secure. Tasks that would previously have taken days, take minutes; giving fast time to value and return on investment. Our specialist Government sector understand Government specific threats and challenges and we have tailored commercial packages suited for distributed deployments within departmentalised sectors.