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US networking company to secure files and folders with Cryptzone's Simple Encryption Platform

November 24, 2013

Cryptzone, the IT security and threat mitigation specialist, today announced another major new contract for its file and folder encryption software. The deal, worth over $70,000, has been signed with a multi-national networking company.

Sanford Leavenworth, VP Americas - Southern Region, said: "This is further evidence that security and risk avoidance continues to be an important driver for investment in content security technologies. Organizations tend to have large amounts of sensitive information stored across their networks and on individual employee's computers. Such information needs to be protected from both internal employee disclosure and intrusion by an external party. The Cryptzone solution addresses both of these situations by providing organizations with the ability to encrypt sensitive information and to control who gets access to the information."

File and folder encryption helps to secure information stored on local hard drives and network file shares, minimizing the risk of it being accessed by unauthorized users. Secured eFile from Cryptzone enables people to share files and folders securely with individuals and groups both inside and outside of an organization's network. Recipients don't even need to install software to access the file - and - because the security controls 'travel' with the encrypted files, access can be withdrawn at any time, should an individual be reassigned from a project or leave the company.

The central management console allows administrators to deploy corporate security policies across an entire organization and comprehensively track and report on a file's entire life history, including when it was created, copied, edited or deleted and by whom. Built-in technology takes care of managing access rights, user authentication and encryption keys ensuring low administration and support costs.

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