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Cryptzone’s Security Sheriff Takes Top Spot In DLP Solution Category at Computing’s Security Excellence Awards 2016

January 17, 2017

WALTHAM, Mass. – Jan. 17, 2017Cryptzone, a provider of user-centric content security solutions, has been crowned Best DLP Solution in Computing’s 2016 Security Excellence Awards for Security Sheriff.

Computing’s DLP Award looked to identify those solutions that best secure a system by stopping attacks before they start, and monitoring, detecting and blocking breaches as it believes this is key to data loss prevention. While it accepts that these can vary in their focus and approach, the judging criteria highlighted the importance of systems that have comprehensive and proven effects in protection and prevention.

“Data loss protection is a top concern for business as breaches top the news daily. Our customers need to know what data to protect, and how to protect it in the most efficient way possible,” explained Barry Field, CEO of Cryptzone. “Security Sheriff dynamically adjusts access, based on real-time comparison of file content and user context, ultimately transforming the way organizations secure their data. I’m proud to have our approach approved by Computing with Security Sheriff deemed a ‘winning’ solution to this critical problem – something that our customers across the globe already appreciate and benefit from.”

Security Sheriff secures files at rest without the overhead of complex user permissions and encryption, ensuring that the data is protected at the time it is used or shared. It restricts usage and visualization of data based on the file’s classification and the user’s current location, device, and security clearance, automatically encrypting it when the data leaves the safety of the corporate file system.

In addition, Security Sheriff eases the migration to cloud storage by seamlessly securing data in hybrid environments (SharePoint and O365) as it moves from one to the other. Users are able to work within Microsoft applications, knowing that Security Sheriff will prevent unauthorized access or sharing of documents to unauthorized recipients.

This combination enables companies to find the balance between file security and flexible collaboration, invisibly to the end user and with no client side application. Collaborators can use any device to access the data, and Security Sheriff leverages Microsoft’s encryption and applications to enforce encryption and access appropriately to any given situation.

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