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Cryptzone urges SharePoint conference delegates to pay more attention to security and compliance

February 4, 2013

Cryptzone, the European IT security and threat mitigation specialist, is urging delegates at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen today to pay more attention to security and compliance issues affecting their SharePoint deployments.

With SharePoint dominating the content management market and becoming the platform of choice for internal collaboration, many organizations already have thousands of documents being stored within this environment. However the ease with which documents are created and shared can leave sensitive and confidential information at risk. Intellectual property, merger & acquisition plans and financial data is just some of the content that unsuspecting senior executives and information workers are leaving exposed and susceptible to data leakage.

Cryptzone executives maintain that encryption of commercially sensitive and highly confidential content is the only way to truly enforce data protection. Cryptzone, which is showcasing a 'first look' at its upcoming version of Secured eCollaboration at this week's European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen, also understands that to get people using added layers of security, software has to be really simple to use and manage.

Built on Cryptzone's five star rated* Simple Encryption Platform, Secured eCollaboration provides enhanced document security, access control and compliance auditing capabilities for Microsoft SharePoint. The new version, to be commercially launched in early March, has functionality developed with co-operation from strategic customers.

  • Content Awareness Filters for Rules Based Encryption
    Granular rules can be set up to search documents for specific words and regular expressions in any combination with existing SharePoint attributes, so that when documents matching the criteria are uploaded to SharePoint they are automatically encrypted.
  • Secured eMail for Sharepoint
    This unique new feature enables clientless, secure email based file-transfer of files residing on SharePoint to both internal and external collaborators. Users just right click on a document and select send secured to bring up a simulated email client before sending encrypted emails. All key management is handled automatically.
  • SEP Audit Center
    Improved logging of user, system and data activities processed through the Simple Encryption Platform brings in comprehensive features to provide auditors with full traceability and an ability to determine user accountability for compliance purposes.

"The SharePoint community is quick to emphasize the virtues of faster access to content and easier collaboration that SharePoint brings, but must not become complacent about security and compliance issues." comments Einar Lindquist, CEO at Cryptzone. "Secured eCollaboration gives organizations the means to secure the significant minority of documents that require added protection, which is difficult to achieve in the native SharePoint environment."

* SC Magazine

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Cryptzone is exhibiting on stand A30 at the European SharePoint Conference, 5-7 February 2013 at the Bella Conference Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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