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Cryptzone Releases New Site Module for Security Sheriff

November 9, 2015

Integration with Microsoft RMS allows companies to leverage existing technology to dynamically encrypt and control the sharing of sensitive SharePoint data

Waltham, MA – November 9, 2015 – Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions, today announced the release of the new Security Sheriff Site Module. This release adds new capabilities for encrypting, controlling and emailing sensitive SharePoint data using Microsoft RMS.

“Sharing is key to the SharePoint value proposition, but dynamically controlling who information can be shared with is critical to minimizing the risk of that information falling into the wrong hands. Security Sheriff enhances SharePoint security by adding very fine grained security to control who can access content, as well as control how they can distribute that content both within the organization and with third parties,” said Jason Garbis, Cryptzone’s Vice President of Products. “The Site Module’s integration with Microsoft RMS allows organizations to leverage the technology and permissions already in place to encrypt sensitive content and control how authorized users can use and share sensitive content, thus keeping it secure inside and outside the organization – because modern collaboration often extends outside the walls of the company.”

Security Sheriff controls access to SharePoint content by allowing a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios to empower focused audiences to collaborate without changing item permissions and adding complexity. It provides fine grained security to help organizations and administrators gain control over SharePoint sites and increase ROI. As Cryptzone continues to expand the feature set of its SharePoint line of solutions, the new Site Module incorporates all of the features of the former Site Sheriff product for providing dynamic permissions management into the Security Sheriff suite, adding key new capabilities for encrypting, controlling and emailing sensitive SharePoint data using Microsoft RMS.

Key enhancements to the Security Sheriff Site Module for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 include:

  • Microsoft Azure RMS integration: The ability to use Microsoft Azure RMS content protection system (encryption and DRM) has been added to the product to provide the ability to encrypt documents and control the operations users can perform when editing these documents (e.g. print, save as etc.).
  • Secure email: Documents can be securely emailed directly from the SharePoint document library leveraging RMS. Recipients can be within or outside the organization.
  • User activity logging: Record all user activity related to documents/items including access, RMS encryption and Security Sheriff rule changes. It provides a targeted audit capability that does not suffer from the “flood” issues encountered by standard SharePoint logging.
  • Separation of roles: The Site Module now offers additional protection for the management of Sheriff security rules by implementing “separation of roles.” With this feature, a select group of people can be nominated as “rule editors” and a second set nominated as “rule activators” thereby providing a separation of administrative roles. This separation is defined in the farm-wide central administration to easily close this security loophole.

Cryptzone provides dynamic, content-aware solutions for managing SharePoint and Office 365 content security and compliance to leading global corporations across a broad range of industries, as well as government agencies. Security Sheriff is now available, and more information can be found at: Cryptzone will be showcasing Security Sheriff at the European SharePoint Conference November 9-12, 2015 in Stockholm in booth 47.