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Cryptzone Announces Dynamic ‘Segment of One’ Solution for Cloud and Hybrid Environment Access Control, Reducing Attack Surfaces By Up To 95%

November 17, 2015

New AppGate XDP release simplifies access security and ensures that all resources – private cloud, public cloud and on-premises – remain invisible until authorized

Waltham, MA – November 17, 2015 – Traditional access control solutions continue to create security gaps leading to many of today’s headline-making breaches because they provide all-or-nothing network access control. Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions, today announced the release of AppGate XDP, offering the ability to provide dynamic, attribute-based controls that determine access across cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures.

According to a May, 2015 Forrester Research report entitled Three Technical Innovations Will Ignite Zero Trust, “Our networks are now highly bifurcated and distributed. A perimeter is not only unenforceable, it does not even exist. The castle walls have come tumbling down. A new way of defending the crown jewels must be developed, adopted, and implemented.”[1]

AppGate XDP is a new product which dramatically simplifies the user access problem and eliminates over-entitled network access, drawing on user context to dynamically create a secure, encrypted network ‘segment of one’ that’s tailored for each user session. AppGate XDP automatically controls each user’s network access at a fine-grained level, ensuring that users can only access authorized resources. Because all unauthorized network resources are invisible, AppGate XDP completely prevents malicious users or attackers from exploiting weaknesses in unauthorized applications.

The new AppGate XDP:

  • Is specifically designed to address the more dynamic and real-time nature of cloud-based resources
  • Ensures that all resources (whether on-premises, private or public cloud) remain invisible until authorized using newly-patented technology
  • Detects new server instances being created within the cloud, and automatically adjusts user access rights based on a combination of server attributes and user context
  • Introduces centralized dynamic, attribute-based controls that determine access across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures for consolidated access management
  • Reduces cost, complexity and effort for configuring third-party access, privileged user access and cloud infrastructure management

“Extending Cryptzone’s successful AppGate platform, AppGate XDP provides new dynamic and distributed capabilities to better meet the security and scalability requirements of today’s enterprises and service providers,” said Jason Garbis, Cryptzone Vice President of Products. “With AppGate XDP, customers can now benefit from dynamic, automated access control for infrastructure-as-a-service cloud environments; secure, multi-tenant cloud access management; and smoother enterprise cloud adoption by securing and abstracting network access based on policies and attributes.”

Cryptzone provides dynamic, context-aware solutions for managing network access, content security and compliance to leading global corporations across a broad range of industries, as well as government agencies. AppGate XDP is now available; more information can be found at:

[1] Three Technical Innovations Will Ignite Zero Trust, May 5, 2015, By John Kindervag, Andre Kindness with Stephanie Balaouras, Rick Holland, Kelley Mak, and Josh Blackborow