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Cryptzone Announces AppGate Version 11.0, Adding Secure Access Control for Citrix and Windows Terminal Server

December 1, 2014

Latest version of AppGate, which dramatically reduces risk of unauthorized insider access, to be showcased at the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit

Las Vegas, NV – December 2, 2014 – Gartner IAM Summit, Booth #124: With 2014 being a record year for data breaches, the need to better protect networks and applications is top of mind for every organization and information security professional. At this week’s Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit, Cryptzone, a global provider of data security and identity and access management (IAM) solutions, announced AppGate® version 11.0. The latest version provides the ability to control and secure access from Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers at the individual user level, to better mitigate risk of unauthorized access to sensitive company data. Version 11.0 also includes multiple performance enhancements and a new user interface.

“Citrix and Terminal Server provide highly valuable functionality for session-based access, but to date have had an Achilles heel when it comes to privileged account management across multiple users,” said Kurt Mueffelmann, President and CEO, Cryptzone. “With AppGate Version 11.0, we can close some of the security gaps that exist in these systems, to restrict what applications individuals on the network can access. This approach dramatically reduces the risk for breaches and information misuse within an organization.”

Key features and capabilities of AppGate v. 11.0:

  • Securing Citrix and Terminal Servers – This release encompasses a new approach to controlling and securing access from Citrix/Terminal Server into the trusted network that is unique to Cryptzone and the AppGate technology. When users run their desktop on multi-user machines, such as Citrix or Windows Terminal Server, access from the terminal server into the trusted network must be very open with minimal firewall rules in place to allow for all the differing use cases and user profiles. If such a server is being used from the outside then this open door to the trusted network represents a significant security risk. With AppGate v. 11.0, it is now possible to run completely different user profiles (like finance and sales users) that share the same Terminal host, without the security risk that each user would have network access (or higher) to applications or services that do not match their user profile. For example, this would make it impossible for a sales person to reach the finance servers in the trusted network. Without AppGate, it is impossible for the network security team to distinguish which traffic belongs to which user profile, as they are all coming from the same Terminal host.
  • New Ax0 virtualized appliance – A virtualized appliance is now available, in addition to existing hardware appliances. This new virtual appliance is configured to offer similar performance to the Ax1 hardware appliance and is suitable for up to 500 concurrent connections.
  • Performance Improvements – A new firewall engine has been developed for AppGate v. 11.0 to improve overall performance. The new firewall uses much less memory and less CPU making it possible for appliances to handle more users than before. Improvements to the SSH and IP tunnelling performance ensure that users will experience faster connectivity whether the appliance is lightly loaded or under heavy load.
  • New User Interface –The look and feel of AppGate has been updated extensively to improve user experience. Compatibility enhancements ensure support for Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X Yosemite.

Cryptzone’s information security solutions are designed to secure access and protect critical data, services and applications, without impacting how organizations and users work. To find out more about AppGate v 11.0 available in January, talk to the Cryptzone technology team at booth #124 on the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit exhibition floor.

About Cryptzone

Cryptzone is a global provider of data security and identity and access management (IAM) solutions. The company’s information security offerings are designed to secure access and protect critical data, services and applications, without impacting how organizations and users work. For over a decade, enterprises have turned to Cryptzone to galvanize their network security with responsive protection and access intelligence. More than 450+ public sector and enterprise customers, including some of the leading names in technology, manufacturing and consumer products trust Cryptzone to keep their data and applications secure. Cryptzone is headquartered in Boston, MA, with research, engineering and development teams located in Gothenburg, Sweden and is a portfolio company of Medina Capital, a high-growth equity investment firm focused on the IT infrastructure sector.