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Compliance auditing capabilities greatly enhanced in Cryptzone's Simple Encryption Platform

March 24, 2013

Cryptzone, the technology innovator of proactive controls to mitigate IT security risk, has today launched version 4.13 of its Simple Encryption Platform. In line with market demand and increasing regulation, the new release delivers greatly enhanced compliance auditing and reporting capabilities, which have been designed with reference to generally accepted information governance standards and to align with best practices in the field of auditing. It also brings new functionality to Secured eCollaboration - its market leading Microsoft® SharePoint® security solution and includes encryption optimization improvements.

Auditable Evidence

Compliance has always been an important driver for CIOs and CISOs, but the potential impact of inadequate data security on brand reputation, revenues, customer and investor perceptions is forcing the topic more regularly onto Boardroom agendas. Demonstrating best practice in information governance and compliance has become crucial to most organizations.

The introduction of the Simple Encryption Platform Audit Center consolidates event information and provides a comprehensive user interface to empower auditors to quickly assess information for a wide range of purposes to promote individual accountability, reconstruct events, detect intrusion attempts and perform problem analysis. The improved logging of user, system and data activities combined with the system's correlation capabilities enables evidence gathering and forensic analysis following a security incident. The new Audit Center provides detailed evidence of who has accessed what data from where, what they did with it and where it has subsequently been shared, including beyond the SharePoint environment or corporate network.

Microsoft SharePoint Security

Secured eCollaboration for SharePoint is a module of the Simple Encryption Platform, which integrates seamlessly with SharePoint to provide transparent encryption and enhanced access control. Utilizing Cryptzone's Simple Encryption Platform capabilities for encryption key, policy and rights management, it extends the native security controls of SharePoint to enable efficient file level encryption and superior content control for highly sensitive and regulated content. More and more industry regulators and internal auditors are demanding this level of proof.

Performance Optimization

Leveraging on Intel's AES-NI technology, which provides support for hardware based AES encryption, the speed of data processing has been greatly improved. Benchmarking shows an average performance gain of 300% in total for securing operations related to files, folders and USB flash drives.

"Cryptzone continues to build on its distinguished history in encryption technology" says Anders Hansson, Product Portfolio Manager at Cryptzone. "This new release continues to deliver the strong encryption capabilities that our Simple Encryption Platform is renowned for and offers new compliance reporting features to enable organizations to prove compliance whenever required."

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